May 22, 2024

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Everybody has a story to tell, let me tell yours.

For many years I have been visiting vineyards and not once have I ever seen grapes on the vines. Through the grapevine, we heard Bitou Vineyards had not harvested all theirs yet so we woke up really early, watched the most amazing sunrise, and then headed to the wine farm. We were only expecting to take a few pictures of grapes but we were lucky enough to have a little tour guided by the very enthusiastic and knowledgeable General Manager, Derek Harvey. They have great plans for the vineyard, including starting a veggie patch managed by a few local ladies that will supply the new restaurant. Grapes on trees were pretty but I must admit that grapes in a bottle are so much prettier and tastier. Please watch the video of Derek Harvey giving us a brief synopsis of his plans. All this is happening in Bitou, Plettenberg Bay.

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